Serene Fishing Spot

Langebaan lagoon is a fishing paradise although local knowledge is key. Whether just a fun day out on the water or looking for a big catch, the suitable fishing spots are there. A more summer orientated activity due to the warmer weather can still be thoroughly enjoyed in winter when the catch proves to be more successful. There are a few options for those who are looking for fishing charters which can include trips within the lagoon or far offshore for deep-sea fishing. Book your fishing outing with Ska-Rumba Fishing or Go Black Sam.


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Catch a tip!

Whether you’re looking to catch a break, catch the sunset or reel in the catch of the day. Boat fishing in Lagebaan lagoon will require the following permits:

  • Valid Skipper’s Ticket
  • Fishing Permit (one per boat)
  • Bait Collecting Permit

Remember, If you plan on deep sea fishing, you’ll need necessary permits such as a cray fishing or spear fishing permit too. Permits can be obtained from tackle shops and the Parks Board office

South Africa’s Oceans are under great threat. With illegal fishing, over fishing and pollution ecosystems have been significantly altered and fish stock is severely getting depleted. Koisands Lodge supports sustainable fishing so remember to play your part when in Langebaan by checking your SASSI guide to know what fish are good to go and which species are endangered.

The following fish in Lagebaan Lagoon are on the Sassi Red List meaning that they are from unsustainable populations and are best. It’s best to catch and release the following fish: Elf, Galjoen, Garrick and White Stumpnose