Glide Over The Lagoon

Kayaking is a magical, unique and tranquil way to explore the Langebaan lagoon and these can be hired locally. As the lagoon is a conservation region and part of the West Coast National Park, there are various areas that are not accessible by either motor boat or sailing boat but can be accessed by those willing to paddle their way to them.  The small island just off the main beach, which is prohibited to land on, is beautiful to visit by kayak and the best way to see the animals and birdlife without actually going ashore.

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Your one-on-one with Mother Nature

Those seeking a moment alone with nature will find nature’s true essence in a kayak. Equally as thrilling as it is relaxing, kayaking over Langebaan lagoon promises magnificent sunsets and sunrises. Part through the mist as it settles over the lagoon in the early morning or boast in the sun’s glory at midday as you witness the still waters being disturbed by the fish beneath or converse with a curious seal!

Kayaking on Langebaan lagoon is a tranquil trip for you alone or you and a loved one. Kids and friends can join in too, there’s a Kayak size for everyone and instructors too for those that need training! Whoever you invite, a a picnic on the waters will definitely be one for the books!