Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate


Taking a break from everyday life, is often underestimated. How often do you feel the stresses of life, let alone work related stress? Relaxing, recharging and rejuvenating is vital for your health and wellbeing. A getaway to a holiday destination should be a planned annual event for you and your loved ones!

Implications of stress

Burning up brain power and inactivity without replenishing or revitalizing yourself can lead to:

  • Increase of stress levels
    Constantly being in fight or flight mode in your everyday life can have a significant impact on your stress levels. Stress plays a role in your bodies inability to resist infection, maintain vital functions, and injury prevention.
  • Burnout
    Lack of sleep and stress eventually leads to total exhaustion, consistently getting ill and being prone to injury.
  • Poor productivity and performance
    A study done by Ernst & Young showed that employees who took 10hours of vacation time, improved their performance ratings by 8%. Thus, stress and tiredness can influence your work efficiency, decision-making, memory and the ability to reach deadlines. A steeper mountain to climb and added stress you just don’t need.
  • Depression
    People do not realize the effect of routine and having a “robot” lifestyle has on your psychological health. Mentally, you become more irritable and anxious. It is a sad reality when people start isolating themselves from activities and friends/families they would normally entertain due to poor mental health.
  • Health related issues
    Did you know you only burn approximately 1 calorie per minute when sitting at your desk at work. The activity in your muscles start to drop and you start losing the effectiveness of your bodies insulin. This increasing your susceptibility to weight gain, increase of bad cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Scary we know!

So what should you do? Its simple plan a getaway to Khoisands Lodge.

Your Getaway intervention

Experts insist that people should take their full leave every year, don’t get us wrong, working hard is highly important, but relaxing and recuperating is just as.

Here are some tips to plan your getaway with us:

  1. Choose Langebaan as your holiday destination
  2. Book accommodation with us either via our website, or you can find us on Airbnb.
  3. Get to Khoisands Lodge. It is only 140km outside of Cape Town, so make sure you are fueled up and ready for a short 1.3 hour road trip along the West Coast.
  4. Plan things to see and do. See all the activities you can do in the area.
  5. Lastly but certainly not least, select a goal for your trip. When you going on holiday with family and friends, you are bound to have different preferences. Thus, establish a common goal with your travel buddies so everyone has the same expectation of your getaway.

Khoisands Lodge is ideal for the active, comfort seeking adventurer, it is a lodge nestled in nature. The perfect place to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. See the beautiful images of Khoisands Lodge here.

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