An Underwater Wonderland

The beautiful islands just outside the mouth of Langebaan lagoon offer crystal clear water and memorable diving experiences. The local scuba diving shop has all the gear needed to hire and offers a full range of experiences. Scuba diving in Langebaan is a distinctive way to both explore the lagoon and experience the open ocean on the outer side of the bay. What locals like to call ‘the wild side’. Book with our trusted scuba diving partners Langebaan Divers.


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Discover the secrets of the sea

Ever say to yourself I will never jump out of a plane? Until you do it and experience the greatest exhilaration and joy? Well this is the case with Scuba Diving. It might be intimidating to jump into the deep ocean, however what lies under the surface is a magnitude of beauty and peacefulness waiting for your exploration.

Scuba Diving enlightens you to a whole new world, filled with wildlife and history. It is the perfect activity to experience the wonder and mystery of the sea, to get a close-up look and live among its beauty.